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Advanced Features

JSviewer has some advanced features that can be accessed by pressing the a key on the keyboard. When you type the letter a, additional controls will be shown on your screen.

effects max size random pre-cache


Internet Explorer transitions can be disabled by clicking here:


Max size

Images can be resized to fit the screen by clicking here:

max size


You can view images in random order by clicking here:


In random mode, image history is saved so you can re-display previous images.

Pre-cache images

JSviewer caches images in the background before they are displayed. This prevents users on slow network links from seeing blank screens. JSviewer is configured to cache the first 16MB of images to keep your browser from running out of memory. Images are flushed from memory when the cache fills up under certain browsers. Caching is enabled by default.


Background color

You can change the background color of your JSviewer window and control buttons by clicking on the color bar. The foreground text color will be set to the complementary color of the one selected. The default background and foreground colors are set in the <body> tag of the HTML code that calls JSviewer.

If the color bar does not appear, make sure that the file spectrum.png is in the same directory as jsviewer.js. Background images may also be specified as part of the <body> tag. A background image will disable the color bar.

You can also control JSviewer using keyboard controls.

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