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Supported Browsers

Each browser uses a different Document Object Model (DOM) for DHTML. Because of these differences, JSviewer does not work under all browsers. JSviewer has been tested and certified to work using the following browsers:

  • Galeon
  • Internet Explorer 5
  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Mozilla
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Netscape 7
  • Opera 7 (partial)

JSviewer works best under IE6 on Windows and attempts to gracefully degrade functionality under other browsers. I hope to have better cross browser support for JSviewer in the future. If you get JSviewer to work under a different browser combination, please let me know.


  • What if JSviewer doesn't start?
    Make sure JavaScript is enabled and that any popup software is configured to allow popups for that website. Make sure you are running one of the supported browsers listed above.

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