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JSviewer was designed to be powerful, highly configurable and easy to use. It has all of the features you would expect a web based image viewer to have. JSviewer can also run in standalone mode, without requiring a web server. The following basic features are available:


JSviewer starts a slide show when it first starts up. Large images are automatically scaled down to fit the screen. Smaller images can be brought up maximum size if desired. By default, each image is displayed in order for 8 seconds. You can start/stop the slide show by clicking on the button.

Image selection

You can select which image you want to display by selecting it from the drop down menu, or you can view the next or previous image by clicking on one of the arrow buttons.

If the drop down menu is selected, you can use your mouse wheel to change the image.


JSviewer supports keyboard controls, to greatly enhance your slide show experience. You can display keyboard controls by clicking on the button.


JSviewer allows you to zoom in and out of images using the mouse. Use the left and right mouse buttons to zoom in and out of an image. If the image is too large to display on your screen, the image will be cropped and centered on the spot where you clicked. You can also drag & drop an enlarged image around the screen with the mouse while holding the mouse button. If the zoom feature is disabled, clicking on an image will cause the next image to be displayed.

IE transitions

Internet Explorer 5+ supports special effects when switching from one image to another. JSviewer can use these transitions if they are enabled in your browser. IE transitions are enabled by default.

Advanced features are available by pressing the letter a on the keyboard.


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