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Keyboard Controls

JSviewer supports keyboard controls to greatly enhance your slide show experience. You can view the following help menu on the screen by pressing the h key on the keyboard:

Keyboard controls

a - advanced options
c - toggle controls
d - toggle descriptions
e - toggle effects
f - full screen
h - toggle help
l - change language
m - max image size
p - toggle pre-cache
r - toggle random
s - start/stop slideshow
t - toggle thumbnails
x - close window
z - toggle zoom
^ - move controls
- previous image
+ - next image
< - slower
> - faster
? - about JSviewer

Most of these controls are used to toggle advanced JSviewer options on and off.


There are various keyboard controls that affect which controls are placed in the window. The c key will turn controls on and off altogether. The a key will turn advanced controls on and off. The ^ key will move the controls between the top and bottom of the window. Advanced controls look like this:

effects max size random pre-cache

There is a tiny . in the bottom right hand corner of JSviewer windows that you can click on to hide or show JSviewer image controls.

Speed controls

You can control the speed of your slideshow by pressing the < and > keys. The < key will display images half as fast as your current setting. The > key will display images twice as fast as your current setting. Note: If you use transitions in IE and you make your slideshow too fast, IE will stop using transitions between images.

Full Screen

JSviewer can be run in full screen mode by pressing the f key. Under Internet Explorer, JSviewer will open a new window in full screen mode. You can exit full screen by pressing the x key, or by clicking on the X in the upper right hand corner.


JSviewer can display thumbnails of your images by pressing the t key. You can click on a thumbnail to display its image full size. You can display additional columns of thumbnails by clicking on + along the bottom of the window. Clicking on - will remove a column of thumbnails. For information on creating thumbnails, click here.


By default, clicking on an image will cause you to zoom in on the spot where you clicked. You can also drag & drop an oversized image with the mouse when zooming is enabled. If you press the z key to turn off zoom mode, clicking on an image will cause the next image to be displayed.


The JSviewer JavaScript debugger can be invoked by pressing the ! key. The debugger will open a new browser window with the following heading:

Under normal circumstances, you will never need to use the debugger unless you are trying to troubleshoot a problem with the JSviewer source code.

Now that you know how to use JSviewer, learn how to create your own slide show.

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