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Quick Start

You can create your own slide show using JSviewer right now. Click on the button below to get started. When you add pictures, the text area below will contain entries for your slide show in the format that JSviewer expects them in.

Once your slide show is working, you can save it to your computer by viewing the source and saving it. You will need to save copies of jsviewer.js and languages.js in the same directory.

Slideshow template

The following HTML template is all you need to modify to create your own slideshow:

This is the HTML source code for the JSviewer demo. This code defines all of the images and web pages that are displayed by JSviewer. Each image or web page is defined with an <option> tag as follows:

The URL can be an image file name, a web page or be completely empty. If you leave the URL empty, only the long description is displayed on the screen. The first option line in the HTML template above gives an example of this. URL's can be relative to the current directory or fully qualified like http://www.google.com or http://www.google.com/images/logo.gif. You can include any number of images or web pages you desire. You can change the <title>, <body> and <option> tags to match your preferences. Do not modify any other lines or JSviewer may fail to work. You can change background and text colors in the <body> tag.

Now that you have created your own slide show, learn how to configure it.

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