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Tips & Tricks

JSviewer can be integrated into your web pages in creative ways. This page examines some of the possibilities.

Launching JSviewer in full screen mode

The following HTML code fragment is used to launch JSviewer in its own full screen browser window. Click here to execute this code. In this example, http://www.jsviewer.com/demo is the URL of the directory containing index.html, jsviewer.js, languages.js, spectrum.png and image files.

Starting slide show at a particular image

If you want to start your slide show at a particular image, you can set the Javascript variable pic to the image you want. Since JSviewer starts counting images at 0, you will need to subtract 1 from the image you want to start at. For example, if you want to start at image 5, you need to set pic=4.

Stopping slide show from JavaScript

If you want your slide show to stop after the last image, you can create an HTML file to load that does this. The following example illustrates this:

Hiding the color bar

If you want to hide the JSviewer color bar, simply delete spectrum.png or set a background image for your HTML page. JSviewer will detect these changes and not display the color bar.

If you are interested in how spectrum.png was created, click here.

Embedding JSviewer into a web page

You can embed a JSviewer slide show into a web page with the following HTML code:

Making your own CD-ROM slideshows

You can create your own JSviewer slide shows that run from CD-ROM on Windows systems. Simply put the following two files in the root directory of your CD-ROM. The file autorun.inf is used by Windows to run a particular program when a CD-ROM is inserted into a computer. autorun.inf contains the following lines:

iekiosk.exe starts Internet Explorer in kiosk (full screen) mode with index.html as the default page. iekiosk was written by Russell Herdejurgen.

Adding music to JSviewer slideshows

You can add music to your JSviewer slide shows, however the process is somewhat involved right now. The following example only works with IE at the current time.

First, two frames are created. One holds the JSviewer slide show, and the other is a hidden frame that plays music. The frames are created with the following HTML code:

One of the images to be displayed is an HTML file instead of a JPEG or GIF image. The HTML file contains the following HTML / JavaScript to launch a WAV audio file:

In this example, the song to play (funky.wav) is 215 seconds long and will play while 70 images are displayed.

Native music support is planned for a future release of JSviewer that won't require a frameset.

Copyright © 2002-2006 Seann Herdejurgen